Chapter 3. System Requirements

You will need a SVG Viewer and a Unicode Font to be able to run sMArTH properly. Because it is a web application based on a collection of open standards, sMArTH is not tied to one particular implementation, vendor or authoring tool. However, not all standards we employ are in widespread use at this time, so we recommend you the tools that work best with our application:

Although sMArTH is a Web application you can also run it on your own machine. However, in order for this to work you will need to access it through a Web server with support for PHP. We recommend you the well-known open source Apache HTTP Server. If you are using Apache HTTP, once you have transferred sMArTH to your local machine you will only need to extract it to your htdocs directory and than access http://localhost/sMArTH.svg. If you try to run sMArTH locally but this prerequisite is not fulfilled you will not be able to save your equations.